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A 1948 Spartan Manor Espresso Bar

Our Story


Two Beaverton High School students, Riley and Carter Gill, developed a fine love for coffee from a young age. It all started when the two brothers were fed coffee through  their sippy cups, In fact Riley was only 2. Although, the coffee was heavily diluted with milk, the young coffee connoisseurs would ask for their "cup" of coffee every morning, and their Nanny would happily poor the milk with coffee into the spill proof cup. As the Gill brothers aged, and their cups of coffee began to taste more and more like "adult" coffee, they became increasingly more interested in business, specifically entrepreneurship. They would ask their father, who himself is an entrepreneur, question after question, "How do you do this?" "How do you do that?" until their dad said, "I can answer these questions all day long, but you won't learn anything unless you make the mistakes and discover the answers for yourself." So, Bow Tie Baristas was created as the first of the Gill brothers business ventures, with an aim of filling your cup with quality beverages everyday.

Dedicated To Quality

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Bow Tie Baristas dedication to our customers starts with the source behind every cup of coffee we sell. We use Stumptown Coffee Roasters, known for their industry leading roasting techniques and their commitment to farmers across the globe to buy beans at a fair price and help farmers develop sustainable crop yields. We are proud to serve Sumptown coffee and believe in their approach. In addition, we offer Spielman bagels. Spielman is based out of Portland and is known for their hearty bagels. We currently offer two local brands  of tea, Jasmine Pearl Tea and Smith Tea.  We also source our milk straight from Alpenrose dairy, locally owned and operated. We believe in supporting our community and businesses in our community.